With a wide variety of services, we offer services to fit your pet’s individual needs.

24 Hour care with host family

1 dog…………………………..$ 50.00
2-3 dogs……………………….$65.00
4 or more dogs please contact us
Puppies (under 6 months old) are an addition $5.00/night
Under 5 hours: $20.00 and Over 5 hours (not overnight): $30.00

Host families are experienced pet owners that have gone through our interview process along with home visits and background checks. These families have opened up their homes so that they can provide your pet with a loving, safe environment to stay in while you are away.

Overnight care in your home

A trustworthy and caring pet sitter will stay in your home for 10-12 hours overnight to care for your pet.  Your pet will avoid experiencing any lonely nights while you are away.  Your pet will not only get basic care, but will be given attention, cuddle time, play time, walks and other customized care that may be necessary.  This is especially good for anxious pets and senior pets.  Not only are your pets cared for, but  so is your home.  It won’t be vacant and mail will be brought in, flowers watered, drapes opened and closed, garbage taken out, and more. Other small household requests may be made.  A 15 minute midday visit is also available as an add on. Standard dog walking rates apply for a midday visit.

Pet/house sitter:  overnight stay in your home
$55.00 for 10-12 hours for first pet + $3.00 for each additional cat
$65.00 for 10-12 hours for 2-3 dogs + $3.00 for each additional cat

Other caged pets will be cared for as well, with no additional charge for 2 or less cages.  Over 2 cages will require a $2.00/cage fee.


Pet Sitting

Care for pets, including but not limited to, cats, birds, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. in your home. Rates are based on time of visits and amount of cleanup needed. Starting rates are $15.00/15 minute visit. Visit will include bringing in mail and other small household requests such as watering plants or other requests. Contact us for an exact quote.

Go home bath and brush

$20.00 40 pounds or less – done prior to pick up

4841224_sDog Walking

$15.00 + tax for a 15 minute visit
$20.00 + tax for a 30 minute visit

All visits include:

· A dog walk and/or fenced yard play time, as requested
· Fresh water
· A treat or two, if provided
· Mail brought in if it has arrived / garbage cans brought in or out
· Owner notification of any unforeseen circumstances (ex: a power outage)
· Feed, if requested – any meal that requires preparation must be prepared
· Administer medication, if requested – must be approved in advance

(mileage rates may be added depending on distance for dog walker)

Puppy Package:

The Puppy Package $30.00 + tax per day.

The puppy package is designed for new dog owners with puppies under 5 months old that are not yet house trained.  This includes two potty breaks (not to exceed 10 minutes) and one 15 minute visit that includes a walk/playtime.

These rates are based on one dog and are weekday rates between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Holidays, weekends and after hours may be requested in advance. Provided there is an available dog walker for these special requests, a walk may be provided for an additional $5.00

7579626_sPet Taxi Service

$10.00+ $0.50/mile  Will take pet to grooming appointment, daycare, etc.

Dog Waste Removal

$50.00/month pick up once a week or pick up twice a week for $90.00/month


10381118_sHappy Dog Hike

$50.00 One hour hike through a pet friendly park – pick up and drop off included


Fish Tank Cleaning Services

– fresh water tanks only, $40.00 per cleaning usually needed between once or twice per month

Based on single pet; call for quote for multiple pets.
  All services will have 7% sales tax added to invoice