We offer all types of training service for your dog.  Your dog will be happy and so will you!

Canine Life and Social Skills Program (C.L.A.S.S.) training

There are 3 levels of training for this program and they are set up like academic degrees, so your dog can earn a B.A., M.A. and PhD. Each level has a 6 week course to prepare you and your dog to pass the evaluation process and earn a degree. These programs are designed to teach your dogs manners and to strengthen dog/owner relationships through positive rewards training. These classes are especially useful for owners that want to continue training their dogs to become therapy dogs. The cost for each 6 week course is $400.00. That includes 6 one hour lessons plus written curriculum describing each skill taught. For more detailed information about C.L.A.S.S. please visit

Behavior Correction Training

These are all private sessions in your home designed to eliminate problem behaviors and add positive behaviors.

New Puppy Training

Help and advice after getting a puppy.
Adding a new puppy is a fun and exciting time, however, it is also a very crucial time where good habits can be taught. New Puppy Training covers house training along with an introduction to basic obedience and how to teach good habits like chewing on toys instead of things around the house.

Basic Manners

Obedience training for adolescent or older (dogs over 5 months of age)
Training my dog to/not to – This is specific to stop unwanted behaviors like jumping, pulling, etc. or to teach a behavior like “go to your bed”
Initial consultation generally runs about one to 1.5 hours and is $100.00. This includes conversation about what you would like to accomplish and how we will go about accomplishing it along with some observation of the puppy/dog and family life.
Each additional consultation is one hour and are $75.00 each. This includes training and instruction for owners and dogs

Children & Their Pets Training

$75.00/hour private training for your child with their best friend. Your child will learn the basic commands to give their hounds & learn the importance of proper handling of their pets.

Tricks Course

$80.00 for a 4 week course to teach your dog tricks. Tricks taught depend on you and your dog and can include, but not limited to, paw, high five, jump through hoop, back up, sit pretty, speak, and many more.